2020 Allegro Travel Information

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Welcome to our 22nd year of club volleyball and the best club in the area. Over 2000+ individual athletes have participated at Allegro over the past 20+ years. 

Allegro Know-How:  A leader in club volleyball with 20 plus years of know-how, being a part of Allegro means knowledge, professionalism and leadership you can trust.

Allegro Experience: Emphasis on personal integrity, teamwork, and dedication guides our teams through each season. Players form bonds that last through college and beyond. Many alumni return to play and coach with us as adults!

Allegro Advantage:  Reach your highest potential with the best coaches, year-round programs, on-site strength training, college recruiting, and the best facility around.

Allegro Programs:  Find the right fit! Year round, club teams, academy training programs, indoor and beach programs, multiple levels of locals and travel teams, weekday and weekend practice options help you find the team that's right for you... beginner through elite.

Allegro Coaches: Experienced, trained, and certified through both USA Volleyball and the Positive Coaching Alliance, Allegro coaches are committed to bringing out your best!  

Travel Teams:  Travel teams practice and compete in tournaments on weekends against other clubs.  There are several different types of travel teams within Allegro: National, Regional, Area, and Sunday.  (Note that some teams are only available at certain age groups.)

Allegro National Teams: Allegro National Teams feature the top players in each age group. These are the most competitive and prestigious teams in each age group. Their schedule pits them against the toughest competition in their division and provides great exposure to college coaches. Numerous National Team players have gone on to earn full scholarships and play for NCAA Division I and II schools.

  • Practice: National Teams practice 5+ hours per week. 44 to 60 total practices. depending on age.*
  • Tournaments: They play in 5+ single-day area events and 5+ multi-day overnight events. National teams will play one or more USAV national qualifier plus an end of year USAV or AAU national event.
  • Season: End of November to End of June (Age 13-18)
  • Travel: Area, Regional and National locations. May include air travel.      

    *13s & 14s have less

Allegro Regional Teams: These are high level teams in each age group. Players receive the same instruction as national teams and develop into top performers.  You will find many regional players leading their high school programs and going on to play in college.

  • Practice: Regional Teams practice 4 hours per week. 40-44 total practices.
  • Tournaments: They play in 5 single-day area events and 3 or more multi-day overnight events. 
  • Season: End of November to End of May (Age 13-18)
  • Travel: Area (1.5 hrs away), Regional (5 hrs away)

Allegro Area Teams: Area teams compete against outside clubs in single-day events, but do not have any overnight away tournaments.

  • Practice: Area Teams practice 4 hours per week. 40-44 total practices.   
  • Tournaments: They play in 5 single-day area events.
  • Season: End of November to End of May (Age 13u & 14u)
  • Travel: Area (1.5 hrs away)         

Allegro Sunday Travel: The Sunday travel program follows the Area program. This is a special team that helps the player who is unable to make weekday programs. All practices and most competitions are held on Sundays 

  • Practice: Area Teams practice 3 hours per week. 16-20 total practices.   
  • Tournaments: They play in 4-5 single-day area events.
  • Season: End of November to End of May
  • Travel: Area (1.5 hrs away)    


If you would like more information on our programs please fill out the  prospective athlete contact form for more information.  We will keep you updated on information as it becomes available and make sure you don't miss anything. Practice schedules, 2020 cost, coaching assignments, parent meetings, open houses etc. will be sent to you when we have it.

More Information

Application for the 2020 Travel season is open sign-up below. All players (including returning players) must complete the 2020 travel application.

Travel Application


2019-2020 Upcoming Travel Tryout Dates

   - Tuesday November 12th, 7:30-9:00pm at PowerZone Volleyball Center

Note: Contact admin@allegrovolleyball.com if you have a question about an opening for a specific age group/position.