Each year 400+ girls participate in travel and local teams making Allergo the #1 program in NJ by choice. 

Join Allegro for the competition.  Teams practice and then compete.  Local, area, regional and national teams compete in tournaments hosted by USAV, AAU, JVA and other clubs.  These competitions are either single or multi-day on weekends. Local teams play matches in and around their practice locations. 

The best teams manifest when individuals discover trust, teamwork, fairness, respect and unity.  These things become passion and because they are so important and valued this passion becomes a part of our identity.   All of a sudden a team appears. Join Allegro and let a team find you! 

National Travel Teams

Allegro National Teams feature the top players in each age group. These are the most competitive and prestigious teams in each age group. Their schedule pits them against the toughest competition in their division and provides great exposure to college coaches. Numerous National Team players have gone on to earn full scholarships and play for NCAA Division I and II schools. National teams will play 5 to 6 overnight multi-day tournaments in addition to single day area events. National teams are expected to compete in the area GEVA power Leagues.


Regional Travel teams

Regional Teams are high level teams in each age group that include single day tournaments in the area and 2 to 3 overnight multi-day competitions within a 2 hour driving distance. 

Area Travel Teams

Area Travel Teams are also high level teams in each age group however will only travel in NJ to compete and will have one overnight multi-day competition. 

Local Teams

Locals is club volleyball experience that only plays non-travel competitions. Our coaching methods include positive coaching concepts, club curriculum with player learning objectives, virtual coaches, team building, skill and age groupings and competitions. Practices and Gamedays are “local”. There are approx 9-10 players per team and 2 teams share a practice court.  Teams each have a supporting coaching staff with virtual coaches, locals director and head coach. Competitions are against other local teams, travel teams and outside visiting teams.  Everything is included with program and registration fees. There are separate Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer sessions. 


MLK Weekend

Lancaster PA


Philadelphia, PA

East Coast Championships

Pittsburgh, PA

AAU National Championships

Orlando FL

Jersey Shore Joust

Wildwood NJ

Garden State Grand Prix

Denville, NJ

North East Super Regional

Denville, NJ

Mid-Atlantic Grand Prix

Lancaster Pa

Fun at the Sun Super Regional

Mohegan Sun, CT

USAv National Championships

Providence RI & Springfield MA

Boston Volleyball Festival

Boston, MA

Each year 400+ girls participate in travel and local teams making Allergo the #1 program in NJ by choice.