Player Development

We’re proud of being one of New Jersey’s most successful girls volleyball clubs. Our goals are to prepare our athletes for the next level of volleyball in high school or college.  We develop a solid base of fundamental skill as well as a passion for the sport, we compete at the highest level and we showcase.

Training Methods and Exceptional Coaches

Allegro is successful because of proven training methods and a comprehensive curriculum. Methodology is "how" we will teach something and curriculum is "what" we will teach.   Our 25 years of experience shows up in how we coach and what we coach.  Our training methods include Positive Coaching, Advanced stats, Video Analytics, Metric-driven volleyball Performance.  Player development is a set of learning objectives for volleyball skills and team systems, progressively designed. Staffed by dedicated and experienced coaches who are committed to inspiring a love for the game and bringing out your best! 

We are committed to being one of the finest clubs in the nation, providing all that is needed to enable our athletes and our coaches to constantly strive and develop towards reaching their highest potential.  Player Development is a big part of club volleyball and what so many players choose Allegro.

"You change something by making it obsolete through superior methods.” Buckminster Fuller

Metric-driven Volleyball Performance

Although standard volleyball statistics remain quite valuable (such as kills, aces, blocks), advanced formulas and metrics allow Allegro players to train better and develop higher level skills.  We want metrics that help to get more aces and make more good passes.

Allegro introduces advanced statistics in player development.  In addition to traditional volleyball stats, we have created some new metrics that our coaches and players can use to develop and improve a player's skill sets and ultimately to optimize performance and results. Our new stats also support positive coaching methods especially in developing younger players.

Advanced Training Methods

Our training methods and systems have evolved and improved in each of our 25 years of experience.   Our methods incorporate development stages, innovative choice of what is taught and what systems to use. The result is an advanced method based on physics, biomechanics, reaction time and experience.

Coaches Cadre

Allegro athletes are supported by a cadre of coaches charged with player development. In addition to the teams head and assistant coaches, each player is assigned a skills coach to plan player development. There is also a dedicated strength and conditioning coach to guide athletic performance training. Contact us for more details on our coaching staff.


Individual Development Plans

Development plan to get each individual player to the next level.  Athletes are evaluated and a path to improve skills and performance created.  Starts on day one at placements when each player gets skills video recorded and then analyzed by our club directors. Player’s skill are assessed and development plans are created to assist the coaching staff with practice plans.

Positive Coaching

A positive approach gets the most from youth and high school athletes, which is what coaches, parents and the athletes themselves want. Staying positive also helps youth get the most out of sports. 

Video Analytics

Video Analytics uses video and data analysis to review player skills, detect vulnerabilities, optimize performance,   Analytics provide visual feedback and data to help decide what to focus on,  to develop technical and tactical strategies to improve performance and reduce injuries. 

Development Rubric

We have a curriculum developed by the best instructors and coaches in the world! The rubric incorporates systems taught by Gold Medal Squared, American Volleyball Coaches Association, Art of Coaching, Positive Coaching Alliance, USA Volleyball and used by teams like BYU, Penn State, Team USA and others top level teams! We have also developed and adapted these systems over the last 25 years for our younger players allowing them to accelerate learning skills.  From beginner to high performance athletes are guided thru 4 stages of development. 

Strength and Conditioning

Athletic performance training (APT) staffed with a program director and strength and conditioning coaches devoted to supporting our athletes.  The goals of the program are to reduce injury potential, build strong, well-conditioned athletes who can perform to the best of their ability, and prepare our athletes for the next level of athletics in high school or college. These goals will enhance the quality and performance of each player and provide a competitive edge.

High Performance Training

Optional High Performance Training (HPT) Raise your game to the next level with Allegro's High Performance Training.  Individualized training based on personal goals and position-specific demands. High Performance Training compliments team practices with additional performance conditioning, video analysis, position specific training and individual development plans.