Megan E.

Testimonial five

As a military family, we cannot express how thankful we are for Allegro volleyball, and specifically, Coach George. My daughter was going into her third season of travel volleyball when we found out we were moving from Alabama to New Jersey. Moves are always hard, and watching your child leave their friends and teammates makes them exponentially so. In contacting Allegro and letting them know our background, we were immediately brought into the family. That is not always common in competitive sports, especially in travel programs, for military kids. Local teams grow together as young children within programs, and we experienced first-hand in other places how some teams do not always open their arms to military kids. They know we do not have the longevity in places for more than two years before we move on somewhere else, so it is heartbreaking to have a child with athletic talent and have them turned away from the good programs because of that notion. That was not true of Allegro though.  As soon as he saw my email, Coach George invited us to open gyms, helped us register for locals, and took time to assess our daughter's potential. In doing so, he gave her a shot on the most competitive team at her level. He helped develop her, asked how she was assimilating into the team after the move and asked if she was making friends, and was everything you could ask of a coach in our situation. Our daughter thrives in New Jersey because of the teammates and friends she has at Allegro, the bond she built through the program, and by a coach just giving her a shot. Allegro has increased her self-confidence ten-fold. I cannot say enough good about the program and how they truly embody what it means to care about their athletes.

Military Family