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Locals is club volleyball experience that only plays non-travel competitions. Our coaching methods include positive coaching concepts, club curriculum with player learning objectives, virtual coaches, team building, skill and age groupings and competitions. Practices and Gamedays are “local”. There are approx 9-10 players per team and 2 teams share a practice court.  Teams each have a supporting coaching staff with virtual coaches, locals director and head coach. Competitions are against other local teams, travel teams and outside visiting teams.  Everything is included with program and registration fees. There are separate Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer sessions. 

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History of Locals

Allegro created the Locals program Spring season of 2006 as an option for athletes interested in high level club experience but could not commit to a travel team.  Since then over 3300 individual girls have played over 5700 seasons of locals. Each year 400+ girls participate in travel and local teams making Allergo the #1 program in NJ by choice. 

Learning Objectives

We have a curriculum developed by the best instructors and coaches in the world! The curriculum incorporates systems taught by Gold Medal Squared, American Volleyball Coaches Association, Art of Coaching, Positive Coaching Alliance, USA Volleyball and used by teams like BYU, Penn State, Team USA and others top level teams! We have also developed and adapted these systems over the last 20 years for our younger players allowing them to accelerate learning skills.

Positive Coaching

A positive approach gets the most from youth and high school athletes, which is what coaches, parents and the athletes themselves want. Staying positive also helps youth get the most out of sports.  The positive approach includes a program for coaches, players and parents reducing pressure and stress while still encouraging competition and improvement.

Virtual Coaching

Allegro Virtual Coach complements your on court coaches with video analytics and evaluations. Virtual coach starts on day one at placements when each player gets skills video recorded and then analyzed by our club directors. Player’s skill are assessed and development plans are created to assist the coaching staff with practice plans.


One team or two does not fit all.  Most age groups at Allegro have 3 to 4 teams. It is important that athletes are placed in groups by age and ability to create optimal training environments.  Proper grouping starts with player assessments of skills at placements. Getting placed incorrectly too high means the player won't get to work on fundamental skills that are taught at the lower groups while struggling to succeed.  


Gameday's provide competitions at the right level featuring teams from Allegro Locals, Allegro Travel, outside clubs and town teams.  Gamdays typically will have 15-20 teams competing.

COVID-19 Pre-Cautions

Keep Allegro Safe - As a requirement to participate in Allegro Volleyball we all must agree to actively stay away from the virus.  Everyone wants to get back to playing volleyball but we want to also be safe.   We will disinfect and have pre-cautions but more important than disinfecting the gym, we want to stress the importance of not getting infected and not bringing the virus to the gym.

Reduced players per court.  In the fall season we will reduce the number of players per court.   PowerZone is 30,000 Sf at 6 courts, normally we have 2 teams practice together. We will keep the courts to 1 team per court this fall so we are doubling the space per teams and have room to properly social distance.  We will keep the bay doors open and fans on thru the fall and winter as long as we can to improve air circulation.

Redesigned Drills - We have redesigned many of our drills to increase social distancing while still providing the necessary training.  More individual skills work and drills with the full court as opposed to shared courts and less crowded drills.  

Disinfecting the gym:   We have invested in a ozone disinfecting system. Volleyballs are round and very hard to effectively wipe clean.  We disinfect our locker rooms and equipment with a ozone fogging system.  This allows for all surfaces to be properly sanitized.  

Player Covid-19 Contact policy: We have strict protocols on when player, coaches and family members who comes in contact with someone who tests positive for covid-19. 



A leader in club volleyball with 22 years of knowledge, professionalism and leadership you can trust.

Locals Alumni

Since 2006, over 3300 individual girls have played over 5700 seasons of locals. Each year 400+ girls participate in travel and local teams making Allergo the #1 program in NJ by choice. 


PowerZone Volleyball Center in Denville, NJ and House of Sports in Sparta NJ. Serving Morris and Sussex county. 

Youth sports does not have to be expensive. In 2006, our 12 week local season was $400 and it is $400 now. Everything is still included and we have worked to add more value and features.  Our fees have even gone down going from a tryout fee each season to an annual registration fee.


Locals is available all four seasons of the year and you have choice of Weekday or Sunday programs.  And we will do our best also to give you choice of time-slot pending group placements.

Flexible Schedules

We are the official Girls Club at PowerZone Volleyball Center in Denville, NJ and at the House of Sports in Sparta NJ. Serving Morris and Sussex county. 

Convenient Locations

Play more volleyball with complementary Open Gym. Learn volleyball faster with free beginner skills classes.  Get discounts for camps, lessons, High Performance Training. 

Bonus Benefits

A leader in club volleyball with 22 years of knowledge, professionalism and leadership you can trust. Experienced, trained, and certified through both USA Volleyball and the Positive Coaching Alliance, Allegro coaches are dedicated and committed to inspiring a love for the game and bringing out your best!  Our year round programs from beginner to elite, will give you the advantage needed to reach your highest potential. 

Allegro Advantage

Kids that play Allegro fall in love with the game, play more and have more fun!  Aspen Institute reports only 38% of kids ages 6-12 played sports on a regular basis in 2018, down from 45% in 2008.  In contrast, Allegro numbers are up.  Working with Aspen findings, we focus on reducing pressures, stress and rising cost to keep kids playing. We know your child will love Allegro Volleyball and the sport. We know we can make your child the best player they can be.     Let us prove it!

Our Players

Allegro Together is a team building program that provides opportunities that will help kids learn better communications skills and create friendships. Allegro Together includes a big sister program,  open gym groups, community service programs, carpool assistance and other activities that bring players and families together. (Fall 2020)

Allegro Together

Optional Recruiting Services, High Performance Training (HPT) and Travel Teams are additional opportunities for Local players. Our recruiting platform assists our athletes navigate the process to play at the collegiate level. HPT compliments practices with performance conditioning, video analysis, position training and development plans. Travel teams practice and compete against other clubs in tournaments hosted by USAV and AAU.

Additional Resources

Sports accident coverage is provided for properly registered players who are injured during practice or games.  Coverage is excess medical and becomes primary only if there is no other coverage. Coverage provided by AAU membership. (Fall 2020)

Medical Injury Insurance

Let us know who you are car pooling with or if you need help finding a carpool. Car pool assistance will be expanded as players and family connect with our Allegro Together program.

Carpool Assistance

Optional insurance policy covers up to 100% of the program fees for an athlete who suffers a season ending injury no matter WHERE, WHEN or HOW the injury occurs. (at home, on vacation, while playing another sport, etc.).

Player Fee Warranty

Our volleyball programs are supported with Business management and Customer Service that are 100% committed to a positive experience for parents and players.  We continue to improve each year with new benefits, better service and innovative products to provide you the best program in youth sports.

Exceptional Service

  Fall Winter Spring Summer I Summer II
Calendar Sep-Nov Dec-Feb  Mar-Jun Jun-Jul Jul-Aug
Length of season 12 Weeks 12 Weeks 12 Weeks 4 weeks 4 Weeks
Practices or Games 24 24 24 16 16
Program Hrs  Locals/Adv Locals 36 / 48 36 / 48 36 / 48 24/32 24/32
Length of Practice 1.5 / 2.0 1.5 / 2.0 1.5 / 2.0 1.5 / 2.0 1.5 / 2.0
Ages 10u - 18u 10u - 18u 10u - 18u 10u - 18u 10u - 18u
Uniforms Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Medical Injury Insurance Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Registration* $75 $75 $75 $25* $25*
Program Fee $400 / $525 $400 / $525 $400 / $525 $250/$325 $250/$325

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