2021 Travel Team Tryouts

For information and general details on teams check our website.  Contact us with specific questions.  All players will tryout in Denville at PowerZone Volleyball.  


  • The number of travel teams are not a fixed number. We may have one or two teams per age group. Such as two 17u National teams or two or three regional teams. 
  • New athletes are welcomed at Allegro.  Applications are accepted year round. 
  • We do not recruit athletes from other clubs.  If you are currently on a roster at another club a decision on your application will be made at the end of season. If you wish to change clubs mid season you will need a release from your current club. 


  • Formal open tryouts are seasonal and posted as needed.


  • Firsti please take a look at the "what we do" section of the website to get an overview of our programs.
  • Then look at the "teams" section to get details on all the teams available - contact us with questions
  • Apply On-line 
  • If your application is accepted you will receive an invoice for application and instructions for try-out.

Apply Here