What is Allegro doing to provide a safe environment to play volleyball?

  1. Keep Allegro Safe - As a requirement to participate in Allegro Volleyball we all must agree to actively stay away from the virus.  Everyone wants to get back to playing volleyball but we want to also be safe.   We will disinfect and have pre-cautions but more important than disinfecting the gym, we want to stress the importance of not getting infected and not bringing the virus to the gym.

    "Rutgers' COVID-19 outbreak was linked in part due to an on-campus party attended by several players, per Sargeant. The situation in Piscataway is similar to Michigan State, where the Spartans quarantined their players and coaches for 14 days on July 24. "

    We believe that if coaches and families can work hard to stay away from the virus and not spread the virus we can provide a safe place to play. The first line of precaution starts before we get to the gym.   Don't bring the virus home, don't bring it to the gym.  Allegro needs the entire club to take  precautions and not catch the virus. And not bring it  to the club family.

  2. Outdoor Volleyball Option -  We are told that outdoors can be a safer environment in general.  We have worked hard to create a practice option outdoors in Morris County at central park in Parsippany-Troy hills.  We will have a full locals fall outdoor season from Sept-Oct. If you feel outdoors is a more acceptable risk we have an outdoor option.

  3. Reduced players per court.  In the fall season we will reduce the number of players per court.   PowerZone is 30,000 Sf at 6 courts, normally we have 2 teams practice together. We will keep the courts to 1 team per court this fall so we are doubling the space per teams and have room to properly social distance.  We will keep the bay doors open and fans on thru the fall and winter as long as we can to improve air circulation.

  4. Redesigned Drills - We have redesigned many of our drills to increase social distancing while still providing the necessary training.  More individual skills work and drills with the full court as opposed to shared courts and less crowded drills.  

  5. Disinfecting the gym:  Focus on protocols 1) social distancing  2) keeping hands clean 3) Disinfecting the ball and shared equipment.  We have invested in a ozone disinfecting system. Volleyballs are round and very hard to effectively wipe clean.  We disinfect our locker rooms and equipment with a ozone fogging system.  This allows for all surfaces to be properly sanitized.  

We will continue to look to improve how practices are run and keep our players safe. Again we want to emphasize for our families to focus on staying away from the virus.