2022 Travel Team Application

Application Instructions:

  1. Please review the website for details on all the teams, cost, schedules etc.
  2. Please select one team as your 1st choice of team.  You may select more than one 2nd choice.  
  3. Positions. If you ONLY want to play one position do not select a secondary position.  In general, we will place players in their primary position. A second position is always helpful in making a team.  If you are not sure about position leave as none. 
  4. If you do not get confirmation it means we could not send an email to the address provided.  Check your spam folder. Typically embarq.com, icloud.com, live.com do not accept automated or group emails. 


  1. We plan to process applications as we receive them.  Once a application is accepted we will schedule a try-out or schedule seeing you play. 
  2. Coaching Assignments, Team fees, practice schedules and other details will be sent to parents via email. as they become available. 
  3. If your application is accepted you will get an update. There is a one time fee if you continue with Allegro each year.  
  4. If you are unsure about anything contact us.  info@allegrovolleyball.com



  • 1 Current Registration Information
  • 2 Waiver & Medical Form
  • 3 Complete
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