2023 USAV/GEVA Power League News

We plan to have all of our top level teams (National) enter the USAV/GEVA power league play in.  Garden Empire Volleyball Association is the USAV region in our area.   The power league is a tournament format in our region for the top teams.  USA Volleyball (USAV) and AAU among other youth sports organizations sanctions and organizes events for their members to participate in. 

Notes on the power league:

  1. Participation in the league is voluntary however teams that do not participate in the power league will not qualify for national bids and open level regional championship tournament.   As a member club of GEVA we will do our best to support GEVA and its programs.  We will also weigh the format and the value that power league provides for each team.  The basic concept of the power league is that the top teams in each age group are grouped together to play thru the year.
  2. There are some significant changes to this years format of the power league.    In past years, the power league was groups across two age groups, 18 & 17 in one league, 16 and under together in another league, Last couple years 18u was seperated out and 17 & 16 together and 15 and under together.   The reason for this was that strong teams at the top of an age group didn't have enough competition. 
    • THIS year the format will be single age groups per power league. 17u will have their own set of the top 24 teams, 16u will have a set etc.
    • This year the format is 4 weekends of one day tournaments on both sat and sun.  Starting with the power league play-in on Sat Jan 7th.  
  3. Each team will need to qualify for the power league. This will happen on Jan 7th. Not all teams will qualify.  Teams will play Sun Jan 8th after the play in. Followed by 3 more Sat & Sun
  4. Applications for power league opens on 11/7 and registration opens on 12/1.   
  5. There is no power league for 18u.
  6. 13u will not participate - We do not believe there will be 24 high level 13u teams in the region.  The two day back to back format is also not the best for a 13u.  13u will be scheduled for alternate events to meet the teams needs.  Last year we played mostly 14u.
  7. Dates are set but subject to change.  WE WILL NOT KNOW WHERE WE ARE PLAYING UNTIL Tue or Wed prior to Sat. Link to dates