Sunday April 14th Local Match Schedule

The schedule for Sunday April 14th is below:

The following teams should arrive at the times listed.  They will practice and then play matches:

-coach Johanna’s team (Mets)... arrive at noon

-coach Dritan’s team (Tigers)... arrive at noon

-coach Paige’s team (Cardinals)... arrive at noon

-coach Amelia’s team (Phillies)... arrive 1pm


The following team should arrive 20 mins prior to their first scheduled match to pick up their uniform shirts and get warmed up:

-coach Brock’s team (Reds)... arrive 3:10pm


Match Schedule


  Ct 3: Tigers v Cardinals

  Ct 4: Mets inter-squad 4 v 4 games



 Ct 3: Mets v Tigers

 Ct 4: Cardinals v Phillies



 Ct 3: Phillies v Reds



 Ct 3: Reds v 14 National



 Ct 3: Reds v 17 Sun


Enjoy the matches!