Winter Locals 2019 Information

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Description: Locals is a program Allegro started back in 2006 to provide a club volleyball experience without having to travel. There are separate Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer sessions for local teams.  Within the local program there are weekday teams, Sunday teams, and advanced teams. There are approx 9 players per team, and 2 teams share a practice court. Players can also get their own roster together and register as a team. Competitions are against other local teams and outside visiting teams.  12 week program (in 14 calendar weeks)

Location: All practices and competitions are held at PowerZone Volleyball Center, 3 Luger Rd Denville.

Age Groups: Weekday Local Ages 10-18,  Weekday Advanced Local Ages 12-18,  Sunday Locals Ages 10-18

Annual Registration Fee: $50  applies to school year. Good for fall, winter, spring and summer of that year. Registration fee is not refundable. Registration fee also deducted off your travel application.

Program Fee:  Local: $400 Advanced Local: $525 (Includes Practices, Tournaments, Uniform shirt )  Program fees are not refundable.  Placements are not made without program payment. If you are interested in advanced please include a separate check for $125.  If you are selected for advanced the additional $125 will deposited, otherwise voided. Credit Cards are NOT accepted.  

Practice Times:  Depends on placements and number of teams.  Practice times may change. 

  • Locals: Mon & Wed 5-630p, 630-8p or 8-930p, 1.5 hrs each, 3 hours/week. (20 practices)
  • Adv Locals: Mon & Wed  5-7p or 7-9p  2 hrs each, 4 hours/week. (20 practices)
  • Sunday Locals: Sun 12n-3p or 330p-630p  3 hours/week. (9 practices )

Individual Registration: New players and returning local players should register local. Only returning players in the advanced program may register for advanced. If you want to be considered for advanced - let us know on the registration form. If you are selected for the advanced program an additional $125 will be due.  Registration is pending until payment is received. 

Group Registration: If you have a group of 9-10 players who would like to play together, you can register a team.  Individuals will also need to register. $25 team per player team discount. Contact Coach George before registering a group.

Travel Try-out:  If you know for sure that you would like to play, but are unsure about playing local vs travel, we suggest securing a spot in local first.  If you then tryout and are selected for an Allegro travel team your local or adv local program fee of $400 or $525 will be applied towards travel.  Your $50 local registration fee also gets deducted from your travel application fee.

Family Day: Family day is a day where players and their families are invited to come play together on the team or as a team of parents.  Volley of the Santas is our winter family day event. Date TBA.

Winter Placement Schedule
Age Groups Date Time
Makeup All Teams
Tue 11/20  

Important Dates:

  • Parent Orientation:  TBA (required once a year)
  • Parent Volleyball 101: TBA  (optional) 
  • Locals & Adv Locals 1st Practice: Nov 26
  • Sunday Locals 1st Practice: Nov 18
  • Family Day Games: Volley of the Santas (TBA)
  • Weekday Locals Tournaments: Jan 11, 25, Feb 8, 22
  • Sunday Locals Tournaments: Jan 13, Feb 10, 24

Local and Advanced Local Weekday Schedule: 

  • Mon: Nov 26 Dec 3,10,17 Jan 7,14,21,28 Feb 4,11,18,25*
  • Wed: Nov 28 Dec 5,12,19 Jan 2,9,16,23,30 Feb 6,13,20*
  • Fri: Jan 11, 25, Feb 8, 22
  • No Practice: Dec 24, 26 31 Jan 21. Feb 18
  • Make-up days: Feb 20, 25, 

Local Sunday Schedule: 

  • Nov 18,25 Dec 2,9,16,23,30 Jan 6,13,20,27 Feb 3,10,17*,24
  • No Practice: Dec 23, 30
  • Make-up day: Feb 17

*make-up dates if needed.

Parent Orientation:   Program preview for parents, turn in missing paperwork,  pick up practice shirt. This is required once a year. 

Parent Volleyball 101:   Volleyball orientation, learn more about volleyball. 

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