Friday April 12th Local Match Schedule

The local match schedule for Friday April 12th is listed below.  Teams are listed by coach and their usual practice time (each team will play 2 matches). Please arrive 20 mins prior to your first match if possible to get warmed up. (Note that these matches are for teams with a Mon/Wed practice schedule. Teams with a Sunday practice will play their matches on Sunday.)


  Ct 3: George 5:30 (Marlins) v Paige 5pm (Cardinals)

  Ct 4: Amelia 5:30 (Tigers) v Cara 5:30 (Rays)

      Off: Tina 5:30 (Pirates)



  Ct 3: Tina 5:30 (Pirates) v George 5:30 (Marlins)

  Ct 4: Paige 5pm (Cardinals) v Cara 5:30 (Rays)

      Off: Amelia 5:30 (Tigers)



  Ct 4: Tina 5:30 (Pirates) v Amelia 5:30 (Tigers)



  Ct 3: Amelia 7pm (Reds) v Myia 7pm (Rays)

  Ct 4: Cara 7pm (Twins) v Paige 7pm (Cubs)

  Ct 5: Joanna 7pm (Blue Jays) v Tina 7pm (Red Sox)



  Ct 3: Cara 7pm (Twins) v Amelia 7pm (Reds)

  Ct 4: Myia 7pm (Rays) v Joanna 7pm (Blue Jays)

  Ct 5: Paige 7pm (Cubs) v Tina 7pm (Red Sox)