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Cell Phone Recycling

PowerZone is collecting used handheld electronics (cell phones, MP3 players, handheld games, e-readers, digital still and video cameras, laptops, GPS, portable hard drives, etc.) to raise funds for a cure for Parkinsons Disease.  

There are many advantages for choosing a handheld electronics fundraiser. It can make a big impact for our organization, our local environment, and the lives of animals and people across the globe. Additional benefits include:

  • 100% of the funds raised go to Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinsens research. – there are no program expenses to recoup first. And there is nothing to buy or sell!

  • The proper recycling of the collected used phones and other electronics helps safeguard our environment by keeping toxic materials out of landfills and reducing green house gas emissions.

  • By reusing phones and other handheld electronics, we help reduce the demand for Coltan, an ore used in phones and other electronic devices. Coltan is mined primarily in the Democratic Republic of the Congo where habitat critical for the survival of endangered species, including the Eastern Lowland Gorilla, is being destroyed.

A collection jar is conveniently located at the front desk at PowerZone Volleyball Center. 

PowerZone Volleyball has partnered with ECO-CELL, a company which pays organizations for collecting used handheld electronics, batteries and accessories. ECO-CELL runs a strict NO LANDFILL program. All items received by ECO-CELL, including batteries, accessories and cell phones that cannot be reused, will be recycled using the best demonstrated technologies for recycling e-waste. For more information, please visit

We hope you will support us in our fundraising efforts and at the same time help protect our environment.


George Mon