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Getting Started

At Allegro, we’re proud of being one of New Jersey’s most successful girls volleyball clubs. Our programs have helped to produce some of the top athletes in the area. Our teams have won championships. Our players have earned scholarships and gone on to successful college careers. More important to us, however, is the fact that hundreds of young women have fallen in love with a sport that can add so much to their future lives.

They’ve learned the values of teamwork and fair play. They’ve seen the fruits of dedication and hard work. Players and families have built friendships and shared experiences that will stay with them for many years to come. It’s our goal to help players of all levels and abilities to reach their highest potential, and we offer programs year-round to help them do just that.

There are 2 main programs at Allegro. Academy (training only) and Club.  The club consists of both travel and non-travel teams.   Non-travel teams have 2 divisions (local and advanced local)  Travel teams have 3 levels: National, Regional and Area.

All of our current programs are held at PowerZone Volleyball Center in Denville NJ:

Travel Teams

Allegro National Teams Allegro National Teams feature the top players in each age group. These are the most competitive and prestigious teams in each age group. Their rigorous travel schedule pits them against the toughest competition in their division and provides great exposure to college coaches. Numerous National Team players have gone on to earn full scholarships and play for NCAA Division I and II schools.

  • Practice: National Teams practice 5+ hours per week. 44 to 60 total practices. depending on age.

  • Tournaments: They play in 5+ single-day area events and 5+ multi-day overnight events. National teams will play one or more USAV national qualifier plus an end of year USAV or AAU national event. *

  • Season: End of November to End of June (Age 13-18)

  • Travel: Area, Regional and National locations. May include air travel.

*13s & 14s have less

Allegro Regional Teams: These are high level teams in each age group. Players receive the same instruction as national teams and develop into top performers. Regional players are here because there are limited spots on National with in each position. You will find many regional players leading their high school programs and going on to play in college.

  • Practice: Regional Teams practice 4 hours per week. 44 total practices.

  • Tournaments: They play in 5+ single-day area events and 3+ multi-day overnight events.

  • Season: End of November to End of May (Age 13-18)

  • Travel: Area (1.5 hrs away), Regional (5 hrs away)

Allegro Area Teams: Area teams compete against outside clubs in single-day events, but do not have any overnight away tournaments.

  • Practice: Area Teams practice 4 hours per week. 44 total practices.

  • Tournaments: They play in 5+ single-day area events.

  • Season: End of November to End of May

  • Travel: Area (1.5 hrs away)

Allegro Sunday Travel: The Sunday travel program follows the Area program. This is a special team that helps the player who is unable to make weekday programs. All practices and most competitions are held on Sundays (Age 16 and under or 18 and under).

Local Teams

Allegro Local Teams Allegro Local Teams are a fantastic way for beginning and intermediate players to develop their skills, compete in in-house tournaments, and have a great team experience. The Local program runs year round. The season is divided into 3 12-week sessions: Fall (Sept-Nov), Winter (December-early March) and Spring (March-May). The Summer program has 2 condensed 4-week sessions. There are approx 9 players per team, and 2 teams share a practice court. Teams have a 90-minute practice on Mon and Wed. There is no travel or weekend commitment involved (except for fall Saturday tournaments). Players can also get their own roster together and register as a team. Competitions (3 are held per session) take place at PowerZone on Friday evenings (Saturdays in fall). Spots in the Allegro Local program are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Placement camps are then held at the beginning of each season in order to group players by level (Age 10-18).

  • Fall (Sept-Nov)

  • Winter (Nov-Feb)

  • Spring (Mar-Jun)

  • Summer (Jun-Jul)

Allegro Sunday Local Teams The Allegro Local program is also available as a Sunday-only commitment. Teams practice once per week for 3 hours. Teams also compete in 2 Sunday tournaments. This is a great option for players who are engaged in other activities during the week, or have a longer practice commute.

  • Fall (Sept-Nov)

  • Winter (Nov-Feb)

  • Spring (Mar-Jun)

Allegro Advanced Local Teams. The program is identical to regular Local, except that each weekday practice is 2 hours in length. The intensity of each practice is also increased to challenge the greater skill level and athleticism of the players. Registering as a team is also an option for Advanced Local (depending on tryout).

  • Winter (Nov-Feb)

  • Spring (Mar-Jun)

  • Fall 14u only (Sept-Nov)

Allegro Academy

Academy is a training-only program geared toward high level club and college players who want to prepare for their upcoming seasons. The fall, winter, and spring academy schedules will be posted shortly.

Academy Summer Session runs in July and August. Unlike a summer camp, players work with academy coaches to develop an individual training plan based on their specific needs and goals. Each practice includes intense individual skill work as well as strength training/conditioning. Players meet 3 times per week for 3 hours. Schedule is flexible to accomodate busy summer schedules (sign up one week at a time). (Regional/National/College levels)

Beach Volleyball

During the summer months Allegro has access to its own 2 sand courts at PowerZone, where our beach volleyball training sessions take place. Players practice 3 times per week and compete in tournaments at the Jersey shore. Players (ages 12-college) are divided by level for practices.

Format: The collegiate (and Olympic) game of beach volleyball is doubles (2 on 2). Players sign up for the program as individuals, and pair with other players of a comparable level for competitions (you do not need a partner to sign up). Practices are divided by level.

Beach volleyball is one of the best ways for players to improve their all-around game, and is recognized by NCAA Division I and II schools as an emerging sport for women!