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What is available for us parents?

PowerZone Volleyball has programs available in the 2-3 hours time your daughter is here at practice.

Over the years parents have asked what is available for us in terms of playing volleyball. If you have the itch to play, I would like to invite you to join us on Sunday (12/13) from 630p-830p or Thursday (12/17) from 9p to 11p for a free open gym and mini-clinic. (Thursday open gym did not have enough RSVP to play and is rescheduled for a later date.

The open gyms will get you started and Michael O'Shea from PowerZone Volleyball will contact you with information on volleyball and fitness programs at the gym.   (Adult club volleyball, Volleyball play groups, Clinics, Cycling class, Woman's VB workout, Kick boxing and other classes.)

RSVP: if you plan to attend either of the open gyms.