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Allegro Volleyball Club is committed to be one of the finest clubs in the nation, providing all that is needed to enable our athletes and our coaches to constantly strive and develop, reaching their highest potential.

Registration open for Summer Local Teams Session II

Registration is open for Summer Local Session II:

Summer Local Season: (4 Weeks)

Summer Local Session I Game Night Schedule

The Summer Locals Program will coincide with the PowerZone High School Summer League. For complete schedule see below.


  • Raiders: Coach Meghan
  • Rockies: Coach Fara
  • Cavaliers: Coach Dritan
  • Blazers: Coach Zach
  • Dodgers: Coach Kathy
High School Summer League Schedule 6/30

6:00pm Allegro Cavaliers v Allegro Rockies Court 4

7:00pm Paramus Catholic v Cedar Grove Court 1

7:00pm Morris Hills v Allegro Dodgers Court 2

7:00pm Morris Catholic v Allegro Raiders Court 3

7:00pm Allegro Blazers v Allegro Cavaliers Court 4

8:00pm Morris Hills v Morris Catholic Court 1

8:00pm Paramus Catholic v Allegro Dodgers Court 2

8:00pm Cedar Grove v Allegro Raiders Court 3

8:00pm Allegro Blazers v Allegro Rockies Court 4


Allegro Sand Volleyball 2015

Sand practices are underway!  There is a spot or two open for our evening sessions (Mon, Tues, Thurs 5:30-8pm).  If interested send a message to


Allegro 18 National Team


As the season comes to a close we would like to congratulate Allegro 18 Nationals on such a successful season. 9 out of the 13 players have committed to a Dl, Dll or a Dlll school with the remaining 4 players playing club at their respected schools. We want to wish them all the best of luck in their college careers.

Academy Summer Session 2015

Summer Practice 2015

Academy is a training-only program geared toward high level players who want to prepare for their upcoming seasons. Unlike a summer camp, players work with coaches to develop an individual training plan based on their specific needs and goals. Each practice includes individual skill work as well as strength training/conditioning. Players meet 3 times per week. The player to coach ratio is kept very low (about 6 to 1).  The schedule is flexible in order to accomodate busy summer calendars. (We encourage players to train as many weeks as they can, but you only need to sign up for a week at a time.)

Allegro Alumni Contact

Where are you now?

Allegro would like to update our database of former players  in order to be able to contact you more effectively, communicate future activities and keep you informed of happenings at your alma matter.

Community Service Opportunity

Volunteering is a great way to help out your community, meet new people, and gain valuable skills.  PowerZone Volleyball  and Allegro will have a number of community programs up comming. If you would like to volunteer please email your interest to

PowerZone Community Programs include:

  • Special Olympics
  • YMCA Youth Volleyball

Parking Lot

On certain nights at PowerZone the parking lot is very busy. We would like to make some changes to improve the traffic and saftey as players are picked up after practice. The following changes are effective immediately

One Way traffic in  front of the building ( East, Left to right as you come out of the building )  - Enter from the back of the building and leave around the front of the building.

No standing in front of the building - This will help with the saftey and congestion in front of the building.

Allegro South Contact Info

If you have interest in our Allegro South Program please fill out our contact form.

Recruiting Video Service Available

First Look Volleyball, a new video production service at PowerZone, will be offering an affordable video and editing package to assist parents and players in creating a college recruiting video. For the majority of players, the volleyball skills video will be the first time a coach has the opportunity to evaluate you.

First Look Volleyball will professionally shoot video and edit to provide a video file to upload on a recruiting site or send to a college coach.

Contact Form

Please look at the program descriptions,  the FAQs (click here

Interested! sign-up below:

Directions to PowerZone - Rt 10W Bypass

If you are travelling to PowerZone for the later time slot for practice Rt 10 can be backed up. You can take take the exit for Dryden Way then go through some side roads. This is not to be done at night until you know your way, there are no lights and the roads are windy.  Even if you have a GPS it can be tricky.  Turn on your GPS after you turn left on Sherwood.   Click here for a map. 

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